“The Productivity Commission (PC) draft report on the Regulation of Agriculture shows what farmers have long known – duplicative and unnecessary red tape holds agriculture back,” said Darcy Allen, research fellow with free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

These comments come after the Institute of Public Affairs made a submission into the PC draft report.

“Given recent IPA research demonstrating that red tape costs Australia $176 billion each year in foregone economic output, it is fantastic to see the PC calling to cut farming red tape,” said Mr Allen.

“The IPA particularly welcomes the PC recommendations to develop market-based solutions to the policy objectives of vegetation management, and to deregulate anti-competitive transportation restrictions,” said Mr Allen.

The IPA submission also calls for the removal of section 487 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act which extends the legal standing to challenge court decisions.

“Section 487 enables green activist groups to insert themselves into the environmental approvals process through vexatious litigation. This section has provided no clear benefit to the environment while creating costly project delays through green ‘lawfare’.

“Agricultural red tape stops Australian farmers from competing in international markets, experimenting with new technologies, and managing their own land in sustainable ways.

“All levels of government should redouble their efforts to cut red tape and unleash the prosperity that our nearly $60 billion agriculture industry brings,” said Mr Allen.

For more information you can read the IPA’s submission here.