Free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs have called for the repeal of Section 487 of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act (EPBC) in light of the Federal Court decision to allow the approval of the Adani coal mine to stand.

“The decision by the Federal Court is good for the environment, global poverty and Australian industry,” said Daniel Wild, research fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs.

“Section 487 of the EPBC Act should be repealed; it is just red tape on development masquerading as environmental protection.”

Section 487 provides green groups with legal standing to challenge projects approved by the Federal Environment Minister in the Federal Court.

“Green groups have continually abused the legal privileges extended to them under Section 487 of the EPBC Act by launching largely frivolous legal challenges.”

Today the Federal Court rejected an appeal launched by the Australian Conservation Foundation. If successful, the appeal would have further delayed the Adani coal mine and have required the Indian-based company to go through another round of approvals.

“If environmentalists were concerned about the environment they would want more coal mines in Australia. Coal in Australia is cleaner than in competitor nations. The Prime Minster and even the ABC Fact Check support this view.”

“Section 487 allows environmentalists to use our legal system as a weapon to shut down Australia’s primary industries. Delays to coal projects increase the price and decrease the dependability of energy.”

“Adani has spent over $1 billion and six years trying to approval for its central Queensland coal mine. There certainly has not been a lack of government oversight.”

“Project delays caused by legal challenges such as this impose large costs on the Australian economy. BAEconomics found that reducing project delays by just one year would add $160 billion to national output by 2025 and add 69,000 jobs,” said Mr Wild.