It shouldn’t be any surprise that government departments even place red tape on each other.

In 2015, a whole-of-government review, by former public servant Barbara Belcher, was undertaken into reducing internal government red tape and regulation.

The Belcher Review made 134 recommendations which all federal government departments accepted.

While many of these recommendations have already been implemented, whoever takes office after the election must commit to the remaining recommendations, including those that require direct government action.

The effects of these recommendations must be assessed once they have been implemented to see what benefit they have delivered. This is consistent with the decision by Ministers in December 2013 that the economic impacts of the deregulation agenda would be reviewed within three years.

Any review will reveal the benefits of the actions that have already been taken and why further reductions in red tape should be pursued.

These changes are only a part of what is required to reduce federal government red tape.

Red tape reductions that ease the burden for businesses and individuals interact with government should also be pursued as a matter of priority.

Cutting the red tape that government departments use internally and externally must be at the forefront of the agenda for the next Australian Government.