A new Essential Research poll has shown that minor party voters believe that Australia is over-regulated.

While across all Australian voters, 33 per cent think we have too much regulation, for minor party voters the response is much higher at 52 per cent. In comparison, 33 per cent of Labor voters, 31 per cent of Coalition voters and 20 per cent of Greens voters believe that Australia has too much regulation.

Support for repealing burdensome regulations from minor party voters is a promising sign for the future of red tape reduction. Minor parties received a record number of votes at the 2016 Federal Election, with more than one in four voters opting to give their first Senate preference to a party other than the Coalition, Labor or the Greens.

Considering the substantial growth in support for minor parties over recent years, and the concerns of minor party voters in regards to over-regulation, it is clear that Australians are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the inefficiency of the current regulatory system.

For too long Australians have been burdened by costly and time-consuming regulations, and these new results show that governments must make cutting red tape a key part of their reform agenda.

By Michael Husek