The latest Sensis survey of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) provides further evidence that excessive bureaucracy – ‘red-tape’ –  is a substantial and widespread issue across the economy.

Indeed, red-tape was reported as a major concern across almost all jurisdictions.

For example, the report notes:

  • The main complaint about the Victorian Government is regarding ‘excessive bureaucracy.’
  • In Tasmania ‘critical SMBs mentioned excessive bureaucracy most of all.’
  • In the ACT ‘the major concern is excessive bureaucracy.’
  • ‘Excessive bureaucracy is the major criticism [of the NSW government].’
  • A major criticism of the Queensland government is excessive bureaucracy.

Paperwork, onerous approvals and duplicative and complex administrative processes are the key factors contributing to needless government interference with business operations.

This report provides further support to the widely recognised claim that small and medium sized businesses tend to suffer disproportionately from red-tape.