New IPA research has sent a stinging warning to Canberra to reduce the red tape burden of Government agencies.

Of the 1,181 Commonwealth entities and bodies, 497 are estimates to be involved in the policy design or enforcement of the federal regulatory system. puts an extravagant lens on it and suggests the IPA wants to shut it down, fire them all and for all of quangos, broads, tribunals, commissions, regulators and authorities to be cleansed with fire.

It is correct to say that many of these red tape regulators were created by the Rudd and Gillard governments. They established 444 government bodies which continue to exist to this day. 198 of them are in some way involved in imposing harmful red tape on the economy and business.

An unfriendly Senate in the most recent term of Parliament means that many Rudd-Gillard-era regulators previously slated for abolition still remain in existence, like the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Any sign of hope that Bill Shorten may have learned from the Rudd-Gillard era faded when the Labor Party announced their animal welfare policy.

It announced its intention to create an Independent Office of Animal Welfare and an Independent Inspector-General of Animal Welfare.

This policy will increase the welfare burden on Australian farmers. It means more unnecessary reporting requirements for livestock producers. The policy assumed that farmers don’t want the best for their animals.