Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition Government has fired up with a 25 point battle plan to prepare an “acid test” for Labor to support their agenda.

The PM will ask his Coalition colleagues to approve of this battle plan today before presenting the bills to Parliament this week.

The list of 25 includes things such as The Registration of Deaths Abroad Amendment Bill and increasing taxes on superannuation and cigarettes.

David Crowe writes that cabinet ministers are hoping to delay a backbench push to defend free speech by removing sanctions on comments that “insult” or “offend” in section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act – a thoroughly liberal principle.

Caroline Overington writes in the Australian her opinion on what Turnbull’s personal to-do list should feature, one of them is:

  1. e) Like it or not, the public sees you as a tremendous silver tail. Give up fighting that perception, and work with every ounce of your being to stamp out the real barriers to success for small businesspeople in Australia: endless red tape, and taxes. Become their champion: Saviour of the Taxed and Strangled.

Recent IPA research by Senior Fellow Dr. Mikayla Novak found that there are 497 commonwealth bodies involved in policy design or enforcement of the federal regulatory system.

A large number of these bodies are regulatory agencies imposing excessive and unnecessary red tape upon the Australian economy, including the Fair Work Commission, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Safe Work Australia, and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Malcolm Turnbull should become the Saviour of the Strangled by prioritising cutting the red tape that holds back our economy.