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Evan Mulholland is the Media and Communications Manager at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Regulations ‘send prices soaring, hitting the poor’

Daniel Wild's new report How Regulation and Red Tape Makes Families Poorer, was featured in the Australian on Monday, in a news story Regulations 'send prices soaring, hitting the poor'  by David Uren. An analysis by libertarian think tank the Institute of Public Affairs argues that the impact of regulation on the cost of services is [...]

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The IPA’s Simon Breheny Slams Ridiculous Council Red Tape on 3AW

A small business owner in Maribynong wanted to attach an A3 sized sign to his home to promote his own business. Sounds simple right? Well, the Maribyrnong Council wants to charge him over $1200 for the privilege. In order to hang the sign on your own fence, you need to apply for a permit, and the permit [...]

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IPA welcomes Senate Select Committee on red tape

Free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs welcomes Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm's establishment of a Senate Select Committee into Australia's red tape problem. "Red tape is Australia's most pressing economic challenge. This inquiry presents an opportunity to revitalise the Commonwealth's red tape reduction agenda," said IPA spokesperson Evan Mulholland. "Institute of Public [...]

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Become the Saviour of the Strangled

Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition Government has fired up with a 25 point battle plan to prepare an “acid test” for Labor to support their agenda. The PM will ask his Coalition colleagues to approve of this battle plan today before presenting the bills to Parliament this week. The list of 25 includes things such as The [...]

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IPA welcomes NSW Auditor General’s report on our red tape problem

Free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs welcomes new calls for improving New South Wales’ red tape reduction system, particularly relating to increased accountability, transparency and measurement of reform. These comments follow today’s release of the New South Wales Auditor-General’s report, Red tape reduction, which examined the effectiveness of recent efforts to prevent [...]

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Petrol price gouging? Nope, just more red tape

Today in the Australian Caltex Australia chief executive Julian Segal hit back at competition watchdog who accused them of price gouging. Claiming that it is in fact, red tape increasing petrol prices at individual service stations. “You are talking about sites that have to handle hazardous substances and the level of regulation, rightly so, is [...]

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Outdated media laws from the 80’s are just red tape

Labor’s new Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland says her Party needs a comprehensive look at the state of the Australian media landscape before deciding whether abolish the two-out-of-three rule, which prevents media organisations from owning a TV station, radio network and newspaper in the same market . The 2 out of 3 cross media ownership [...]

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From the paddock to the plate, red tape harming agriculture – says Senator Smith

An opinion piece by Senator Dean Smith in the Australian Financial Review on the lessons from the Productivity Commission's draft report on agricultural regulation makes some critical points on how agriculture is being burdened by harmful red tape across three levels of government. He says the burden is so great it is harming our international [...]

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Gold miner forced to pay $1.25 million to remove trees… What!?

Yesterday’s story in the Weekly Times about the plight of gold miner Neville Perry - who has been told to pay $1.25 million to the Victorian Government to remove 60 trees from his bush block – highlights the inane red tape native vegetation laws that are forcing more burdensome productive agricultural and mining activity out [...]

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NSW land clearing laws a step in the right direction

The NSW Government’s draft Biodiversity Conservation Act aims to take the place of three existing acts: The Native Vegetation Act, the Threatened Species Conservation Act and the Nature Conservation Trust Act. Unfortunately it seems this new super-Act only replaces old red tape with new red tape. One sensible change is enabling farmers to self-assess whether [...]

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