The rash of red tape is spreading like a disease

Originally appeared in the Daily Telegraph The crippling effects of red tape on the economy are unfortunately not restricted to the NSW housing sector. As chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Red Tape, I have so far introduced three interim reports – on the sale, supply and taxation of alcohol; the sale and use [...]

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Drive productivity through innovation

When digesting the Productivity Commission report into the regulation of agriculture, policymakers should redouble efforts to drive productivity growth through innovation. Specifically, reform efforts should centre on cutting red tape holding back new technologies. Agribusiness is fundamentally a global game. Every year in Australia some 275,000 employees export around two-thirds of their produce to the [...]

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Tape tangle

CUTTING red-tape by adding red-tape: failed ecological central planning continues as the NSW government changes its native vegetation laws. Under proposed changes agricultural land would be demarcated according to risk to biodiversity. Development would be allowed in ‘lower-risk’ areas, but bound up in ‘higher-risk’ areas. Development on higher-risk areas would need to be offset by [...]

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Red tape strangling opportunity

AUSTRALIA is supposed to be the land of the fair go. When someone wants to take on a new challenge, most of us cheer them on. This spirit is one of the things that makes Australia so great. But the decision by the Baird government on Wednesday to retain red-tape barriers to becoming a hairdresser [...]

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Red tape the big hurdle for the mining industry

This week theMining Business Outlook 2016 by Newport Consulting outlined the challenges and opportunities facing 50 of Australia’s most prominent mining leaders. The report demonstrated beyond a doubt that cutting unnecessary red tape on mining is essential if governments are concerned about the future growth and prosperity of Western Australia. A quarter of respondents to [...]

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Australia isn’t immune to the Brexit debate

OPINION By Chris Berg The European Union represents the worst inclinations of modern government - heavily bureaucratic, deliberately undemocratic, meddling and interventionist. Australian policymakers should not imagine that British discontent with Brussels has no lessons for them, writes Chris Berg. It is not always a good idea to draw an opinion on the domestic affairs [...]

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Let’s get rid of this suffocating bureaucracy

POLITICIANS often claim Australia can be “the food bowl of Asia”. Why, then, do they keep wrapping our farmers in red tape? The Federal Government recently released its yearly score card of changes in the costs of regulation it imposes, the annual red tape reduction report. A minor $66 million in regulatory savings were listed [...]

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Why the proposed tree laws are the very worst kind of red tape

The proposed vegetation clearing laws are red tape halting economic growth, suppressing entrepreneurship, and damaging our international competitiveness. The Palaszczuk government wants to plug supposed loopholes in vegetation management law. Their plugs, however, focus solely on conserving the environment. What is completely ignored is a viable future for Queensland’s agricultural sector. Chopping and changing laws [...]

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