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Evan Mulholland is the Media and Communications Manager at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Foreign investment plagued by red tape

As pointed out in the Weekly Times this week, the Foreign Investment Review Board has rightly come under fire recently for slowing overseas investment in Australia. Australia has one of the most restrictive investment regimes in the OECF. Our restrictions are only slightly less than countries like Mexico and Russia. Anti-Foreign investment arguments are easy [...]

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“Labor’s policy to force a quota on apprentices for Commonwealth funded infrastructure projects is another example of harmful red tape,” says Evan Mulholland from the free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs. Last year’s Australian Infrastructure audit has found that demand on many key urban road and rail corridors is already projected to [...]

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Labor’s trade red tape policy a tiny step in the right direction

“Labor’s commitment to reduce red tape in their trade policy is a welcome development, but it raises more questions than answers,” says Evan Mulholland, spokesperson for free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs. Today Labor announced their trade policy, which makes commitment to remove red tape barriers on rules of origin in trade [...]

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Bureaucracies strangling Australia in with more red tape

New IPA research has sent a stinging warning to Canberra to reduce the red tape burden of Government agencies. Of the 1,181 Commonwealth entities and bodies, 497 are estimates to be involved in the policy design or enforcement of the federal regulatory system.   News.com puts an extravagant lens on it and suggests the IPA [...]

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IPA welcomes Victorian auditor generals report on the need to reform red tape programs

The Institute of Public Affairs welcomes the calls for reform of red tape reduction programs in Victoria, including improved measurement, transparency and accountability across the system. These comments follow the tabling of the Victorian Auditor General's Office (VAGO) audit of ‘Reducing the Red Tape Burden' in Victoria today. The audit examined the effectiveness of Victorian [...]

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Red tape stifling agricultural innovation for farmers

The Institute of Public Affairs have welcomed recommendations by the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Industry report on agricultural innovation for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to investigate red tape requiring unmanned aerial vehicles to be flown within visual line of sight, with a view to amending the rules to enable agricultural producers to use [...]

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Red tape’s $176 billion burden on Australian businesses

Recent IPA research shows estimates that red tape costs the Australian economy $176 billion per year. This is a stretch higher than the Commonwealth Government's current estimate of $65 billion per annum. Red tape costs translate into a staggering $19,300 per household. At 11 per cent of GDP, red tape is a larger industry than: [...]

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