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“Back in Business: Queensland Reforms Trading Hours”

The oppressive nature of trading hours’ restrictions on Queensland businesses has long been known. However, state premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has recognised the need for reforming these archaic laws. Regulating trading hours reduces the capacity of businesses to meet the demand of consumers, lessening their purchasing flexibility and choice. In a state where there are 99 [...]

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Medical red tape nightmare

GP Dr Aniello Iannuzzi writes a guest blog on an array of media red tape. Just as the nausea from the “Mediscare” election propaganda appeared in abeyance, we have once again seen doctor-bashing come to the fore. Despite bulk-billing rates being at record highs, according to the narrative of the chattering classes, the greedy doctors are [...]

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Ridiculous environmental red tape stops job creating uranium mine

WA’s Environmental Protection Authority has struck again. Plans for one of the nation’s biggest uranium mines were recently overturned because of the threat they may pose to 11 species of ‘stygofauna’. Apparently the state’s remaining 2,669 species will not suffice. Don’t know what stygofauna are? Neither did we. Apparently they are minuscule groundwater-dwelling creatures which [...]

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New planning red tape threatens Tasmanian tourism

New proposals by the Tasmanian government to cap accommodation sharing pose a serious threat to the state’s economy. New red tape changes would limit the number of days that residences can offer lodging to 42 per year. Homeowners providing accommodation for more than 6 weeks would need to abide by the same planning regulations as [...]

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